Lawyers are among the important people in the world. Sometime in your life, you might find yourself you need help from a lawyer. Or you may wish to hire your attorney to conduct your day to day legal issues. Or maybe you need an advocate to be your company’s secretary. 

In these or any other situations you must be very careful about how to choose or to get that lawyer.

Here I will share with you the best tips to consider when choosing a good lawyer.



1. Area of Specialization

A lawyer does not know everything about the law. Someone might be very good in corporate law but poor on civil litigation or good on family law but poor on banking law. 

Once finding a lawyer you must make sure you understand in which legal category your concern falls, this might help you to get the right lawyer for you. Is it a family issue, mortgage, company, contract or employment, or criminal? 

 There are lawyers specialized in every category. In case you don’t know, kindly use the contact form in this blog to tell us your concern and we will help to tell you in which legal category your concern fit. Finding a specialized lawyer might save you time and enable you to get quality services.

2. Experience

Sometimes you ask yourself ‘should I go to fresh from school lawyer or get an experienced lawyer?’ the answer is yes and no at the same time. 

This is highly dependent on your issue at hand. 

There are legal matters which are complex and need an experienced lawyer however there legal issues that are simple and they don’t need experience at all. 

Examples of complex legal issues are adoption matter, murder cases, and matters which are urgent in nature. 

Examples of simple matters are attestation issues, preparing legal documents like Affidavit, Deed Poll and simple contracts, a normal civil case, etc.

So I’m advising you that if you have a complex legal issue please see an experienced lawyer for the better service but if your issue is simple then even a fresh from school lawyers might be enough.

NB. There are fresh from school lawyers who can handle complex matters.

3. Ask People

This is a very simple and sufficient way of getting a good lawyer. Ask a friend or a family member who hired a lawyer for recommendations. 

Ask to find what kind of lawyer hired, what kind of service provided, were they satisfied? Ask if they can give you a better option. Here you can also use online means to ask for a lawyer.

4. Does Law Firm Matter?

Sometimes you may meet with a ‘briefcase attorney’ (a lawyer who has no physical address) and enjoyed his service. But does the law firm matter when choosing a good lawyer? The answer is yes. 

In a good law firm, you will find good lawyers. And you will have a security of service. Also, there are some law firms which are specialized in a certain area of law example mining and gases, intellectual properties, tax law, family law, and corporate law so you can easily find an expert in a law firm.

5. Cost Issues

Legal services are always expensive. Sometimes you don’t have enough money to engage a lawyer and your facing very serious trouble that needs a lawyer’s help. 

In this situation, you may seek a Probono lawyer (a lawyer who provides service for free) or go to any legal aid centers they are also free of charge.

In case you have a low budget you may seek a young lawyer who might be ready to help you.
Verifying an Advocate

Now are days the trend of fake advocate and ‘bush lawyer’ are increasing. In some jurisdictions, they develop a special online system for verifying the legality of an advocate. 

This system helps potential clients to know the status of the advocate before engaging in his or her service.

Extra Tip

Don’t afraid to talk to lawyers. They are just human beings.

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