Are you in California, Germany, India, the United States or Tanzania? Being a lawyer is competitive, stressful, work under pressure, a lot of multitasking and a lot of complications.

Despite all of that there are still a lot of best lawyers out there! How can you be among them? How can you override obstacles and stand on the top?

 Maybe your fresh from school and you may think that your chance to be the best is very tiny or you might have some years in the legal profession but you think you’re not good enough.

Worry not! Here I will Share with you the best tips to enable you to become the best lawyer ever.


traits of  great lawyer/advocate/attorney/solicitor

1. Love what you do

Hey! Nothing can beat the power of love. Love is a master key. Rhonda Byrne in her classic book The Power said that 

“….you don’t have to battle and struggle to change the circumstance of your life, all you have to do is give love through good feelings and what you what will appear….” 

further, she said that 

“you're rewarded not according to your work or your time but according to the measure of your love" 

Once you love being a lawyer, you will do what it takes to be the best. If you don’t love what you do don’t proceed to the next tips.

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2. Believe in Your self

Believe and you shall receive! You may wonder, is just simple like that? Yes, it is. 

The one thing about simple things is that nobody cares about them, but I’m telling you, they matter a lot. 

Believe that you’re the best of the best, believe that you can do it, don’t compare yourself with others because you are unique, there is no lawyer like you in this world. Believe yourself and take the right actions. You will be the best.

3. Be Innovative

Innovation is the key to success.  Innovation demands the application of your knowledge to increase the value of life in this world. 

Just think different, don’t follow the trends and majority, choose the road less traveled. 

Remember that, even the trend you need to follow was created by a person, so be innovative! Create your own trend. Just use your knowledge of the law to increase the value of people’s lives and you will become invincible best lawyer.

4. Polish Your Skills and Be Up To Date

Abraham Lincoln once said, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will use the first four hours to sharpening the ax.” 

 Are you sharpening your legal ax? Law changes every day, new precedent every day, how sharp is your legal ax? We are living in the information age. 

He who has information has power. Make sure your skill sets are fresh (communication skills, persuasive skills, research skills, interpersonal skills, etc.), be updated with contemporary legal affairs you will become the best lawyer ever.

5. Integrity

Integrity is a cornerstone of the lawyer’s success. It deals with the life of a lawyer as a whole. How you dress, how you deal with people, your lifestyle and so on. Integrity affects your package as a lawyer. 

Your personal habits may affect your legal profession. Guard your reputation you can’t rebuild it once tarnished. With good integrity you will attract more opportunity thus the chance to become the best lawyer will grow fast.

Final Remarks
The truth is, you can’t become the best lawyer overnight. It takes time! How long it will take depends on how hard you will work based on the tips above. Don’t depend on Lucky. 

There is no luck in this world. 

Lucky is when preparation meets opportunity. Work hard, accept failures and trust the process. Your time to become the best lawyer is there waiting for you.

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