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On occasion in your life, you may face a civil suit filed against you. Unlike the criminal cases where parties are republic versus individual, in civil cases, parties are individual versus an individual. 

That being the case, you may think/feel like ignoring the suit altogether. The issue which follows is whether you can ignore the suit filed against you. 

I recommend you to read this post until the end to find the answer to that legal issue.

Whether you can ignore

Since it is your life you may ignore everything you want including responding to the civil case lodged against you. 

And of course, you might have good reasons to do so. 

The reason like, 'the case is baseless' may strengthen your urge to ignore it. But when it comes to court issues, you must be very careful in doing that, because the consequence of ignoring might be worse.

The consequence of ignoring to attend court when sued in a civil case

  • One of the consequences of the non-attending court is that the case can proceed without you (technically know as ex-parte) and the court will reach the decision which will be 100% binds you.
  • Second ignoring the civil suit may connote that you agree with every element of claim against you since  you have denied yourself the right to reply to the claims consequently  the judgment delivered may favor the plaintiff/complainant.
  • Further, it is worth noting that since you have ignored the suit, it does not a guarantee that the complainant may win the case.

What to do when you face a civil suit?

  • The good thing to do when sued in a civil case is to file a reply to the claims and attends all court sessions just to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

In fact, cases may create enmity, they are also cost full, stressful, time-consuming, etc.

And the good news is that nowadays courts recognize and highly insists on the settlement of dispute out of court because  it saves time, it is less cost full, it minimizes the chance of the enmity and maintains your relationship, it is more private, it lacks technicality and mostly it is party autonomy-based.
  • Also, you may give a power of attorney to a person (other than a lawyer) that you believe he can represent you it that case.

I know the court is not a commonplace to a common people but are you ready to stake your legal rights on the plaintiff/complainant favor by ignoring the case? Don’t ignore the civil suit.

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